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This exhibition is dedicated to Ed Fella, Rudy VanderLans, and Zuzana Licko, the iconic examples of “California” graphic designers.

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We are most grateful to the participating designers, without whom such an exhibition would not be possible: Bob Aufuldish, Dexter Sinister, James Edmondson, Emigre, Ed Fella, General Working Group, Green Dragon Office, Holly Gressley, Simon Johnston, Mr. Keedy, Willem Henri Lucas, MacFadden & Thorpe, Geoff McFetridge, McSweeney’s, Emily McVarish, Jeremy Mende, Mike Mills, MINETM, Harsh Patel, Everett Pelayo, Casey Reas, Brian Roettinger, Stephen Serrato, Stuart Smith, Gail Swanlund, Martin Venezky, Volume Inc., Women, and Michael Worthington.

Jon Sueda would like to thank the following individuals, who in various ways have helped to realize Work from California: Emmet Byrne, Ed Fella, Claire Fitzsimmons, Jens Hoffmann, Deborah Lao, Zuzana Licko, Wolf Lieser, Sophine Lim, Justin Limoges, Megan Lynch, Brett MacFadden, Adam Macháček, Miroslava Pluháčková, Casey Reas, Stuart Smith, Kai Sueda, Lloyd Sueda, Lois Sueda, Team Printshop, Scott Thorpe, Petra Trtílková, Lindsey Westbrook, Rudy VanderLans, and Pavlína Vogelová.

Special Thanks to Brett MacFadden and Scott & Wendy Thorpe, for traveling all the way to Brno to install an amazing typographic installation in the Moravian Gallery spiral stairway. Their efforts made a huge contribution to the exhibition.

Also Special thanks to Ed Fella who lettered the "Work from California" logotype, and Stuart Smith and Megan Lynch who contributed to the catalogue interviews. They all perfectly captured the spirit of the exhibition.

Finally thanks to the organizers Radim Pesko, Tomas Celizna, and Adam Macháček.